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As a freelance photographer I have been able to combine several passions into one, more specific portrait  and high end car racing photography, especially sportscars .
My work can be used for both media and racing team purposes. Some of my work can be found at motorsport.com - photographer  Erik Junius
The car racing pictures on this website can be either downloaded with "sign-off logo" for wide spread general consumer use, or can be purchased without logo in high resolution for commercial use.

The FIA World Endurance Championship Superseason



The FIA World Endurance Championship is an auto racing world championship focused on endurance racing.
The 2018-2019 superseason championship is covering 8 races from which the 2 x 24 hours of Le Mans, that is on the agenda since 1923 is one of the most prestigious automobile races in the world.

The series feature multiple classes of cars competing in endurance races, with sports prototypes competing in the Le Mans Prototype categories, and production-based grand tourers competing in the LM GTE categories.

Other races on the 2018-2019 superseason WEC calendar are:

  • 6 Hours of Spa Francorchamps - 5th of May 2018

  • 24  Hous of Le Mans  - 16th and 17th June 2018

  • 6 hours of Silverstone - 19th of August 2018

  • 6 hours of Fuji - 14th of October 2018

  • 6 hours of Shanghai - 18th of November 2018

  • 1500 Miles of Sebring  - 16th of March 2019

  • 6 Hours of Spa Francorchamps - 4th of May 2019

  • 24  Hous of Le Mans  - 15th and 16th June 2019

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What set's WEC apart is the unique combination of technology limit that are pushed during a combined race of 4 different race classes.
LMP1 and LMP2 also known as the "Le Mans Prototypes" Series are by far the next most spectacular combination of man-machine following FIA Formula one. Each manufacturer can choose, based on some very well defined rules, a combination of combustion and hybrid technology that make them compete as equals during the 6 hours race.













Purchase WEC pictures

Purchase WEC pictures


WEC Drivers Teams

In a WEC race every car is driven by at least 2 race drivers, typically 3 race drivers are used.

Each of them rides the car in during one or multiple stints, until the team decides to switch drivers.

Driver switch happens during pits stops at a well defined point, while no work on the car can take place.
















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